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Meditation Rooms

We live in an accelerated society, an era of ultra-high-speed internet, bombarded with notifications, posts, ads, articles, ideas, and news. In these times, century-old practices like Meditation, Yoga, and sound healing have shown to be an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety.

It helps us to become more self-aware, improve our emotional health and the quality of our lives.

Before we enhance our mind, body, and spirit, it is paramount to design a space with ideal acoustics to maximise the experience. Acoustics is the science which deals with that quality of a closed space pertaining to sound.

Meditating in the middle of the cities, with the noises of traffic,

and the hullabaloo of the city pace can be very daunting. 

At Mini Theaters India, we design Acoustically Customised Meditation Rooms

that are made to be as quite as a cave,

where the outside noise cannot disturb you

and also creates an Ambience with zero echo,

which allows you to hear the purest form of Mantras chanted to get

the perfect vibrations needed in "Adhyatma".

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